Season’s turn

Photo of river from the stern of a narrowboat, winter

Hello all

Thank you for subscribing to the Hope’s Work blog this year. I hope you’ve found there some productive prompts for pondering what real hope means for you in these disturbed times. Talk of hope does feel in the air, as many more of us seem to be wondering, in ways old and new, on the vitality of our lives and societies. I find some promise in that.

In that vein, I’ve been gathering short writings/films/podcasts from other thinkers and activists on the Explore More page at Can I encourage you to take a look? Whether you’ve just 10 minutes to spare or a long as an hour, I hope you’ll discover some really thoughtful, energetic sources of ‘conscious hope’ for this turning season.

I’ll be writing more for the blog in the new year – I have a few ideas and I’m open to suggestions too, if you have any.

Meanwhile, I hope you find this solstice-tide restorative – may it give you something of what you need at the end of this fitful year.



PS If you’ve ordered a copy of my book, Hope’s Work, thank you. If not and you’d like one, it’s a bit cheaper than usual at – I’ve just a few left. You can also get it from your local bookshop, of course. And if you have any feedback for me, I’m always interested to hear – or you can post a review at Goodreads.



‘To hope’, from Old English hopian, to trust, to hold faith. Origin unknown, poss from hoffen, to hop, to leap.