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Frontage of brick buildings with large graffito above reading HOPE

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Oxford, 23 April

Marble painting of open book showing the word Hope in English and Chinese

Short talk on the tension between kindness and justice in hope’s work – as part of the Sunday Choral Contemplation series at Somerville College Chapel. 5.30pm. No charge. All welcome.

Edinburgh, 24 June

Photo of a stream and its bed, strewn with litter and surrounded by foliage

As part of a series of monthly river walks arranged by the artist Jonathan Baxter, I’ll be a day guide for a journey upstream along the Braid Burn, to discuss the tangled relationships between the waterway, the military installations nearby, and hope in the face of the ecological crisis.

Jonathan writes, ‘The story we’ll be telling, or rather, the story we’ll be walking, concerns our collective sense of what it means to live within a climate and ecological crisis, and how walking a watercourse might enable us to live that question now with rejuvenated purpose and joy… In a time of climate and ecological crisis what qualities, human and more-than-human, might we braid to ensure our planetary survival? What can we learn from walking this particular watercourse? Why walk from mouth to source: upstream and in search of something we may never find?’

Free, though there aren’t many places and you’ll need to book, preferably by 15 April.

Thirsk, 21-23 July

Photo of large brick house with big bay windows surrounded by gardens

I’ll be working with the Holy Rood House Summer School on ecologies of hope – details to follow.

Zoom, 18 October

Photo of white building surrounded by grass and trees

I’ll be a guest on Clare Bonetree’s Hope as a Practice course (online) at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre talking on hope and nonviolence. More details to follow.

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‘To hope’, from Old English hopian, to trust, to hold faith. Origin unknown, poss from hoffen, to hop, to leap.

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