The day after yesterday

I know I’m not alone in feeling deeply upset this morning after last night’s election results. I feel a loss of a hope that I had been holding on to, perhaps more tightly than was wise.

I’ve been wondering this morning how to respond to a loss of hope.

Committing to hope means being willing to walk for a while without feeling it. It can’t be kept like a possession. So the first thing I want to do this morning is just let hope go.

It’s time to mourn what’s been lost: a future that’s been worth struggling for, but which has for now been closed off again. And it’s time to be mindful of people and planet who will suffer grievously from our collective failure to love as we should, and as we still can.

I’ll want to seek out the people and places that remind me of the promise of this world, because this is still what want my own life to be about, if I can make it so. That hasn’t changed. These are my family, my friends, wild places under the sky. I want to feel like we’re together in something that matters, and which makes us human.

And then I want to remember that hope is much bigger than one election in one country in one year in one age. The spirit is still rising, and tomorrow I’ll want to be rising with it again.

4 Comments on “The day after yesterday

  1. Today i feel all hope is lost and may not be regained in my lifetime.
    Your words encourage me to try and think differently after the profound
    hurt experienced by the result of the election. Hope that we can find a fairer, kinder more equitable society, where principles, truth, integrity and compassion count for something. Where we can work cooperatively together in the EU and retain our human rights, Hope that we do not have to wait too long!

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  2. Hi Dave, You once told me that hope was the worst thing one can ever lose and, thankfully you were able to show me ways in which I could revive that light. The essence of what you shared with me back then was to borrow hope from a positive aspect of my life and use that positive aspect of my life to help restore hope to what I’d lost. I was unable to find hope in anything at the time but you correctly identified that I had: time, where others had ebbed, I had health where others had failed, I had determination where others had conceded and vision where other were blind. So took a little hope from each of these by putting these strengths to work, to build hope in my lost goal. I dusted myself off and I tried again, it didn’t work every time but it did work surprisingly often.
    Had You not explained this simple truth that I’d been oblivious to I really don’t know what would have become of me. What you said imprinted with me and has since helped me and many others countless times throughout my life and it’s now my way of life.

    And yes, I too was crushed by the election result, aware more than most how our social landscape is manipulated via social and national media it was difficult to see it improving. I was crushed but not beaten. I have another opportunity to focus my strengths more accurately for next time, and until next time returns. Thank you Bother Dave.


  3. My work is mobile and what has become apparent is it’s mainly for people who have a similar ethos to myself. Many of whom I didn’t know before they contacted me the mutual reason is equines. This week whilst working the majority of my clients have expressed grief, dismay, unbelief, fear, despair, anger and more at the election result. I have never discussed politics with many of these clients before and it was amazing that so many felt like I did. They cannot get their heads around the result. What it has made me realise is that we as humans gravitate to like minded people whether by design or fate and so we feel that most people would only take the fair and beneficial route for our fellow humans as we would, but in reality we are in a very small vacuum and we have to branch out and help others to see a fairer way rather than a gut response to the media led brain washing and fearmongering. Where do we start?


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