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Painting of three faces, their eyes merging with a flowerhead

‘The force that through the green fuse drives the flower / Drives my green age…’

Dylan Thomas

You care – people and the earth matter to you. Our collective violence unsettles you and you don’t know if anything can change it.

But perhaps you turn away and carry on as you are…

..or perhaps you do your bit to cause less harm…

…or maybe you throw yourself at the problem so hard that you’re left exhausted.

Or hope stays with you and you keep going, impatient for change but also patient, because the things worth living for need time and you know you’re not alone.

‘If you lose hope, you lose everything.’

Name unknown (barber – Iranian)

Without hope we can’t even get up in the morning – it’s fundamental to life and society.

But how often do we wonder about it?

What is hope, actually? Where does it come from? Why does it leave us, can we recover it?

How to hold faith with hope, tend to it, and practise it – without flinching from the world as a violent place?

Is your group involved in work for social change, or does it want to be? Would you like to explore the meaning of hope as part of your work?

I offer short talks and longer workshops to support groups like yours to hold faith with hope’s work – neither giving up nor burning out.

If interested, please get in touch. There’s no charge apart from the train ticket.

I want to leave room in the schedule for a diversity of groups, so might not be able to work with all who ask, but I will be producing some downloadable materials that you can use in your own way.



‘To hope’, from Old English hopian, to trust, to hold faith. Origin unknown, poss from hoffen, to hop, to leap.

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