Hope and the ecological crisis

Photo of protesters walking along an estuary towards a huge power plant

This series of four blog posts explores what a well-grounded, conscious hopefulness might mean in the face of our ecological crisis. Please read and share – all feedback is welcome, too. Thank you!

1. Keeping home

A friend and I were chatting this week about what our mums used to give us for dinner when we were kids, and warmed-up frozen pizza came back to us both…

2. Piece work

I ask the internet to show me ‘English countryside’ and up pops the usual: long vistas over fields of green and gold; trees coddled in dawn mist; gentle hills at sunset…

3. Doing enough

Mary’s a voice coach, so I’m not expecting her to have me squat down, curl into a ball, and say ahh

4. Water music

Finally, water – the long black plastic pipe first gurgles, expectant, then jumps to life with an unruly gush…



‘To hope’, from Old English hopian, to trust, to hold faith. Origin unknown, poss from hoffen, to hop, to leap.

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