Hope’s Work

Facing the future In an age of crises

Etching showing bound and blindfolded man gazing at the moon surrounded by broken palm trees

An introduction

in disturbed times, hope

‘Hope is something you make every day.’
Basma, Libya

Sketch of a woman's thoughtful face

Starting places

queries for anyone

‘Without hope, the people can’t live.’ Mohammed, Bangladesh

Rough sketch of two angels talking

Hope’s themes


‘Even in a broken world, things aren’t fully broken.’ Hannah, UK

Painting of a white bird with black wings flying away into the night with thin orange bursts of light below

Prefer to listen?


‘African people have a spiritual understanding, ubuntu: I am facing this [tragedy/crisis/violence] and you are facing this, and we are facing this together.’
Jeanette, South Africa

Marble painting showing window opening onto sky

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Hope’s Voices

‘You will not find hope lying down.’ Kwaku Awuku-Asabre, UK

Watercolour painting of a mushroom rising from the soil


Hope’s Work

‘Hope is a journey through a landscape both traumatised and achingly alive.’

Artwork from top: Emily Johns, Victory Palm (detail); Daniel Balanescu, two sketches (detail); Arvindh Baburam, Drone (detail); Arzhia Habibi, two paintings (detail).

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