Book: ‘Hope’s work’

Hope’s work: Facing the future in an age of crises, published by Darton, Longman & Todd, 2021.

two figures, image - Artist: Daniel Balanescu

Five queries in search of hope

For you, your family/friends, your community, your society, or your cause…

What makes hopeful people hopeful?

This series of eight blog posts explores six ‘core conditions’ of well-grounded hopefulness, or conscious hope. Please share – thank you!


boring fax machine. Photo credit: Becky McCray, 2009, flickr, creative commons licence

Hope and the ecological crisis (3): The idea of doing enough

Reading time: 10 min. Mary’s a voice coach, so I’m not expecting her to have me squat down, curl into a ball, and say ahh.

‘Hope’s Work’ book – just published

Hi friends Some of you asked to be told when my book about hope would be coming out. The answer is: today! Hope’s work: Facing the future in an age of crises is out now, beautifully designed by publishers Darton,…

Hope and the ecological crisis (2): Piece work

Reading time: 9 min. I ask the internet to show me ‘English countryside’ and up pops the usual: long vistas over fields of green and gold; trees coddled in dawn mist; gentle hills at sunset. Here is England as the…