Book: ‘Hope’s work’

Hope’s work: Facing the future in an age of crises, published by Darton, Longman & Todd, 2021.

Secrets of hopefulness in a troubled age

Eight blog posts exploring six ‘core conditions’ of well-grounded hopefulness.

Hope and the ecological crisis

Four blog posts exploring conscious hopefulness in the face of our ecological crisis.


Season’s turn

Hello all Thank you for subscribing to the Hope’s Work blog this year. I hope you’ve found there some productive prompts for pondering what real hope means for you in these disturbed times. Talk of hope does feel in the…

Hope and the ecological crisis (4): Water music

After a bit of a gap, the last in a series of four posts on hope in the face of the ecological crisis…

boring fax machine. Photo credit: Becky McCray, 2009, flickr, creative commons licence

Hope and the ecological crisis (3): Doing enough

Reading time: 10 min. Mary’s a voice coach, so I’m not expecting her to have me squat down, curl into a ball, and say ahh.