Bird image - painting by Arvindh Baburam (detail)

Disturbing times?

Hope – is there any? We face multiple crises affecting every part of humanity and the earth – so what meaning can hope have in practice?

two figures, image - Artist: Daniel Balanescu

In search of hope: Five queries

For you, your family/friends, your community, your society, or your cause…

Book: ‘Hope’s work’

This project is based on a short book on the theme, Hope’s work, to be published soon (I hope!)


Hope (6/8): To be or not to be

Reading time: 8 min. In last week’s blog we were looking at how hopeful people find, in a world that seems locked down by the powerful, that it’s actually a place of continuous change, where ‘the power of the powerless’…

Hope (5/8): Ripening the times

Reading time: 8 min. If you’ve been reading these blogs from the beginning (thank you) then you’ll know I’ve been introducing people who are well-grounded in their hope. So far we’ve looked at three qualities they share in common. All…

Hope (4/8): Facing tragedy

Reading time: 8 min. In these blogs we’re exploring six qualities of consciously hopeful people and communities. We’ve looked at the first two so far: involvement in the life of the world, rather than distance from it; and a feeling…