Can you help?

I’m a writer and campaigner currently working on a project about hope. I’m looking for people willing to talk about how they hold faith with hope through their work. I’d like to meet people whose work faces situations where hope can be hard to find – perhaps social workers, teachers, (single) parents, palliative care nurses – but who still stick with what they’re doing.

Is this you? Would you be willing to sit down with me for an hour or so to talk? If you live within an hour or so of Oxford I could travel to meet you, otherwise we could skype or talk on the phone.

The conversation would be very helpful for my work. It can sometimes also be helpful for the interviewee, as we talk together about the place of hope (and hopelessness) in their own work.

In about a year I will write up the interviews into a reflection on how hope is being understood and practised today. I hope that the stories I collect can inspire others with a feeling for how hope works in the world.

In any case, thanks for reading…

David Gee