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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Hope (7/8): Who’s with us?

Reading time: 9 min. In last week’s blog we found that people of hope, unlike those who are simply optimistic, don’t depend on a future in which all the brokenness of the world gets fixed. For as long as the…

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Hope (6/8): To be or not to be

Reading time: 8 min. In last week’s blog we were looking at how hopeful people find, in a world that seems locked down by the powerful, that it’s actually a place of continuous change, where ‘the power of the powerless’…

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Hope (5/8): Ripening the times

Reading time: 8 min. If you’ve been reading these blogs from the beginning (thank you) then you’ll know I’ve been introducing people who are well-grounded in their hope. So far we’ve looked at three qualities they share in common. All…

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