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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Hope (4/8): Facing tragedy

Reading time: 8 min. In these blogs we’re exploring six qualities of consciously hopeful people and communities. We’ve looked at the first two so far: involvement in the life of the world, rather than distance from it; and a feeling…

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Hope (3/8): A place of promise

Reading time: 8 min. ‘Hope is something you make every day’. This is Basma, and the first thing she tells me about hope. When a militia came to burn down her home in Libya, she and her daughters ran for…

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Hope (2/8): Into the life of the world (b)

Reading time: 8 min. This blog series is about people of hope: how are some people and communities able to live and act in hope, conscious though they are of a future that may be becoming harder to face?

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Hope (1/8): Into the life of the world (a)

Reading time: 8 min. I’ve been sitting down with people who work with hope in some way: activists, refugees, a nurse, chaplains, psychotherapists, people without homes, and community workers. What are they striving for, what motivates them, what in their…

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